Pretty Mes: visual poetry ripped from the headlines

made by DanielMiller, submitted by Mai
Pretty Mes is a Flask app that parses current news headlines to generate "mesostics" (a type of procedural poem) and generative typographies from current news headlines in the style of American experimental artist John Cage.

Eyes Above

made and submitted by DanielMiller
A Chrome extension providing real-time data about the satellites in a radius directly overhead. The Eyes Above app also includes an experimental audio sonification of this data using FM (frequency modulation) synthesis and LFOs (low frequency oscillators) as an acoustic corollary to the data in real time.

Optimizing Inefficiency: Human folly and the quest for the worst sorting algorithm

made and submitted by DanielMiller
I try to maintain a sense of wonder throughout my process of learning CS. In this blog post I wrote something a bit more philosophical, drawing on training as a musician to try to provide an answer to why seemingly inefficient algorithms can still be interesting and compelling objects of study. (Image is CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; source cited in post.)