Tunable Neural Nets

made by emanuelgeromin, submitted by porterjamesj
An explanation of the recent "Neural ordinary differential equations" paper.


made by mouse, coco, submitted by davidbalbert
A programming language where every computation happens in a separate Docker container.

San Francisco Bikeshare Activity Map

made and submitted by aleksey
Thousands of people use the Bay Area bikeshare system, Ford Go Bike, every day. This plot shows where all those bikes are headed (using idealized route predictions).

Right and Wrong Ways to Pick a Random Point Inside the Unit Sphere

made and submitted by nebkor
An attempt to find a more-efficient-than-rejection-sampling method of choosing uniformly-distributed random points inside the unit sphere.

Playing with color

made and submitted by nebkor
Using Racket Scheme to explore different ways to interpret the passage of time as color transitions in HSV colorspace.

Cisp: A Common Lisp Interpreter Built in COBOL

made by lauryndbrown, submitted by nicholasbs
My favorite part about this project is that it implements recursion using file processing!


made by Sheridan Kates, submitted by sydney
Gigscape is a music discovery app written in JavaScript that uses the Spotify and Mapbox APIs to allow you to find shows near you, wherever you are.

Galaga in Haskell

made by elynnyap, submitted by porterjamesj
The arcade classic, now purely functional!

Joy Divisualizer

made by Eliana, submitted by porterjamesj
The classic "Unknown Pleasures" cover art turned into an audio visualization.


made by charlietran, submitted by davidbalbert
A small game for the PICO-8 fantasy console. The animations are beautiful.