Is Processing Java?

made by brindelle, submitted by rachel
If you're interested in software archaeology or Processing, you'll enjoy Bonnie's exploration of an eternal question: is Processing, in fact, Java? If not Java, what is it?

Programmatically generating puzzles as SVGs

made by brindelle, submitted by nicholasbs
A Clojure library for generating puzzles as SVGs.

Learning React Native, 2nd edition

made and submitted by brindelle
This book is an introduction to React Native, Facebook’s JavaScript framework for building mobile applications. Using your existing knowledge of JavaScript and React, you’ll be able to build and deploy fully featured mobile applications for both iOS and Android that truly render natively. There are plenty of advantages to working with React Native over traditional means of mobile development without needing to sacrifice the native look and feel.

Procedural Generation of Squiggly Lines

made and submitted by brindelle
I’ve continued to build on my experiments with two-dimensional generative art using Clojure. Here’s my latest batch of experiments: procedural generation of some squiggly lines. My favorites from this set look sort of like fractal street maps.