Pipet: snippet manager

made by dbalan, submitted by gargi
Pipet is a set of commands to store and retrieve snippets of text. It uses a fuzzy finder for retrieval!


made by bootandy, submitted by gargi
Dust is meant to give you an instant overview of which directories are using disk space without requiring sort or head. Like du but more intuitive!


made by marf, submitted by gargi
A twitter bot generating feminist manifestos!


made and submitted by gargi
strace from scratch written in Rust!


made by shahn, submitted by gargi
This is a github-based game about Quines! Quines are programs that -- if you run them -- output a string that is equal to their source code.

Debugger from scratch

made and submitted by gargi
A very simple debugger which demonstrates the use of ptrace to set breakpoints and generate stack traces in a process being debugged. One can choose whether to set breakpoints, single step through the target process or continue to the next break point.