Bio: Founder of Changeset Consulting , holder of opinions on maintainership, Python programmer, playwright.

Randomized Dystopia

made and submitted by brainwane
Tired of the same old dystopias that stomp free speech/freedom of movement? Randomized Dystopia suggests other rights your fictional tyranny could deny its citizens! A Flask app remixing statements of human rights, children's rights, and women's rights. (source:

Camelot, a Python library to extract tables from PDFs

made by vinayakmehta, submitted by brainwane
As the docs note, "Sadly, a lot of today’s open data is trapped in PDF tables."

Playing With Python: 2 Of My Favorite Lenses

made and submitted by brainwane
A small zine about two tools I love to use when I'm playing around & lightly sketching or prototyping to figure out what I want to do: bpython python -i

Your Hourly Rate

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by brainwane
A remix of Postlight's Account providing an interactive in-browser calculator to help you set your hourly freelancing rate.

Using Python to Critique a Technothriller

made and submitted by brainwane
A cybersecurity expert in a scifi novel says it took two days to find a particular string within a list. This broke my suspension of disbelief, and I used Python to set up an experiment to test my intuition.