The Adventures of Poley the Polar Bear

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
This game about a polar bear is fun. Also, the code is hard to understand, but in a good way.


made by hkgumbs, submitted by doron lets you curate mixtapes of songs hosted on different platforms by editing markdown files.

Gamecube controller ➡️ USB dongle

made by jtm, submitted by doron
You can flash this C program onto a Teensy to control your computer with a Gamecube controller.

Maze Solver

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
This Python program uses ANSI escape sequences to print an animation of a maze being solved 🌀


made by yomimono, submitted by doron
An addictive idle game about maintaining an open-source project. Do code! Write docs! Remove cruft! Earn hype! Woo contributors!

Snake Neural Network

made by JonPizza, submitted by doron
Jon trained a computer to play snake for five hours so you don't have to.