RC Place

made by jobin212, submitted by krithika
It's like r/place but for recursers! Github: https://github.com/jobin212/rc-place

Advice bot

made and submitted by krithika
Recursers can subscribe to the "Advice of the Day!" bot to get one piece of advice from an RC alum everyday. You can submit advice at https://advice.recurse.com Github: https://github.com/krithikasb/alumni-advice

Unit circle

made and submitted by krithika
An explainer to go along with the definitions of basic trigonometric concepts, sine and cosine, with a unit circle, using p5.js.

RC postcard

made by krithika, miccah, jobin212, submitted by krithika
Because I can send real postcard to RC and other recursers! Github: https://github.com/rc-postcard/rc-postcard