Bio: By day I work at RC, by night I mind my quartet of cats.

Chroma: Colors for your Node terminal app

made by v3rse, submitted by rachel
As Nana says in the README, "there are other color packages out there," but I especially enjoy Chroma's autumnal palette!

Scotty, a WebSocket-enabled PDF viewer

made by jtanadi, submitted by rachel
Scotty is a PDF viewer that allows multiple clients to look at and browse through a document together in real time. Check out the app here:


made by jtanadi, submitted by rachel
Doodler is a simple multi-window drawing app that gives me sweet, sweet Microsoft Paint nostalgia. It's built with React, TypeScript, and the Gambar library, which Jesen also built! You can use it here:

Write your own JavaScript template tag

made by hachibu, submitted by rachel
An explanation of why you might want to write a tagged template string in JavaScript, and how to do it!

101 Hello Worlds

made by georgemandis, submitted by rachel
"A Rube Goldbergian exercise in exploring convoluted solutions to simple problems." George hopes to get 101 unique approaches to saying "Hello World" in JavaScript. Contributions are welcome!


made by Max Bittker, submitted by rachel
A tool for making "9-patch" borders. You can design your pattern on a neat little grid, see the results immediately, and copy the CSS to your own site! Source:

Life of a Container

made by indradhanush, submitted by rachel
Indradhanush talks about why there's really no such thing as a container in this talk from Kubernetes Forum Delhi.

Autoresponder for Google Hangouts

made by simon-weber, submitted by rachel
Set up an autoresponse for Hangouts while you're on vacation, or for accounts you don't use often.

Web Sparkle

made by christinecha, submitted by rachel
A toolbox of frontend web development modules to add some ✨sparkle✨to your website!

made by AlliColyer, michaelwlu, submitted by rachel simulates Kanye West quotes using Markov chains.