Teaching WebGL to dance to music

made by hkgumbs, submitted by nicholasbs
Kofi walks through how he used Elm to describe dance moves in 3D, synced his dancer with MIDI, and visualized the moves in WebGL.

Multi: creating lightweight desktop apps for macOS

made by hkgumbs, submitted by Mai
A tool that lets you create a custom, lightweight macOS app from a group of websites. Further reading on Kofi's blog: https://kofi.sexy/blog/slack-app-fewer-resources.


made by hkgumbs, submitted by doron
mixtape.recurse.com lets you curate mixtapes of songs hosted on different platforms by editing markdown files.


made by hkgumbs, submitted by porterjamesj
A compiler from Elm to the Erlang virtual machine.

Bathroom guy flossing animation with SVG and Elm

made and submitted by hkgumbs
Kofi animated the bathroom guy to move to the rhythm in his heart