Bio: Em (she/they) makes experimental games, interactive art, and open-source tools


made by lazerwalker, submitted by porterjamesj
Tune the constants of your Unity game using a MIDI controller.

What is Spatial Audio?

made by lazerwalker, submitted by Mai
A useful overview of what spatial audio is and what cool applications might be possible with Apple's new head-tracking APIs!


made by lazerwalker, submitted by porterjamesj
A real-time chat app that only works if you're inside of an Applebee's restaurant.


made by arpith, lazerwalker, brainwane, niftynei, punchagan, roberthoenig, tabbott, submitted by porterjamesj
Zulip is powerful open-source chat software with a unique nested threading model that makes it really easy to catch up on conversations. We use it every day at RC!

Flappy Royale

made and submitted by lazerwalker
An open-source 100-player Flappy Bird battle royale, written in TypeScript!