Bio: I help run the Recurse Center. In my spare time, I like learning Mandarin and walking around New York.

Dal Segno: A programming language and environment with live updates

made by ballingt, submitted by nicholasbs
A game development environment with a Scheme-like language. Every time you change your code, Dal Segno rewinds your game back to the last time that piece of code was run.

Lit: a little preprocessor for literate programming

made by Vijith Assar, submitted by nicholasbs
The project is part of a larger ecosystem of tools to support literate programming, including lit-web, which lets web browsers extract and run JavaScript code from blocks embedded in Markdown files.

Parser attacks for denial of service

made by Marcus Klaas de Vries, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of how data parsers can be exploited to create Denial of Service attacks and how you can defend against them.

Spectrophone: A reverse spectrogram for playing music with color

made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by nicholasbs
Spectrophone is a reverse spectrogram. It's a novel musical instrument, which you play by moving colored swatches in front of a video camera.


made by alizauf, submitted by nicholasbs
A visual interface for turning an SVG into XY coördinates.

Zeerust: A Z80 emulator in Rust with a web frontend

made by stillinbeta, submitted by nicholasbs
An emulator for the Z80 processor, with a web-based UI which lets you load programs, step through their instructions, and see the current state of main memory and all registers.

Image Processing 101

made by piratefsh, submitted by nicholasbs
A gentle introduction to the world of image processing, accessible to anyone who's familiar with Python.

Augmented reality NYC subway card and map

made by Tamrat, submitted by nicholasbs
A clever use of augmented reality to overlay the New York City subway map over a MetroCard.

Lispier Rust with Generics

made by nickdrozd, submitted by nicholasbs
A fun exploration of how to use generic types in Rust to write code that feels more Lisp-like.

Using a neural network to translate between jokes and punchlines

made by rileywong, submitted by nicholasbs
Using a Sequence to Sequence model to generate punchlines for fake jokes.