Bio: I help run the Recurse Center. In my spare time, I like learning Mandarin and walking around New York.

I just made Ruby++

made by xuuso, submitted by nicholasbs
A guide to patching the Ruby interpreter's parser to add an increment (e.g., i++) operator.

Choreographer-js: A simple library to take care of complicated animations

made by christinecha, submitted by nicholasbs
A simple library to take care of complex CSS animations.

SweetPea: A language for declaratively specifying randomized experimental designs

made by Annie ByReferenceNotByValue Cherkaev, submitted by nicholasbs
SweetPea is an early-stage language for declaratively specifying neuroscience and psychology experiments, as well as a run-time for generating trial sequences for those experiments.

Browser-based motion detection

made by piratefsh, submitted by nicholasbs
A small JavaScript library for using your browser and web cam for motion detection.

Programmatically generating puzzles as SVGs

made by brindelle, submitted by nicholasbs
A Clojure library for generating puzzles as SVGs.

What RESTful actually means

made by laurenzlong, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of Representational State Transfer (REST) and what it is.

Plotty Bird: Flappy Bird for a 1980s pen plotter

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
A version of Flappy Bird for the HP7440A, a pen plotter from the 1980s.

What's in a repository?

made by ngoldbaum, submitted by nicholasbs
The first in a series of posts exploring the innards of Mercurial, and how it stores repository data.

The speed of BGP network propagation

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
An analysis of Border Gateway Protocol propagation and drift.

How a File Format Led to a Crossword Scandal

made by anjakefala, Saul, submitted by nicholasbs
Saul designed a plaintext file format for crossword puzzles and a data pipeline to compile a dataset of over 70,000 puzzles. This talk is an overview of how they did this and discovered a large-scale plagiarism scandal.