Bio: I help run the Recurse Center. In my spare time, I like learning Mandarin and walking around New York.

Reap.vim: Read, evaluate, and annotate code in vim

made by rodarmor, submitted by nicholasbs
Reap.vim hijacks the = operator to run Python 3 source code directly from vim buffers, annotating it with values and output.

Implementing Neural Style Transfer from Scratch using PyTorch

made by rileywong, submitted by nicholasbs
A beautiful collection of images generated using style transfer, along with code and instructions so you can try making more yourself.

Cisp: A Common Lisp Interpreter Built in COBOL

made by lauryndbrown, submitted by nicholasbs
My favorite part about this project is that it implements recursion using file processing!

Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves

made by Benjojo, submitted by nicholasbs
Ben sent 3.7 billion packets to effectively all of the reachable internet, and then visualized the results.

Ping at the speed of light

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
How quickly do packets travel across the Internet?

Octopus Checkers

made by Alec, submitted by nicholasbs
A game of checkers built in JavaScript with no libraries or external dependencies.

Type Erasure in Scala

made by squidarth, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of type erasure, generic types, and reflection in Scala.

Parson: A PEG parser combinator in Python

made by darius, submitted by nicholasbs
This library includes many excellent examples, ranging from a JSON parser written in only 30 lines of code to a working BASIC interpreter.

How To Predict Any Three Events More Accurately

made by kao, submitted by nicholasbs
An exploration of the James-Stein Estimator, and the surprising result that historical averages of even *unrelated* events can help yield better predictions!

Phonetron – designing and building a DIY cellphone

made by Kevin Lynagh, submitted by nicholasbs
Kevin designed and built his own high-end "dumbphone"