Bio: By day I work at RC, by night I mind my quartet of cats.

Quilt, a maximalist programming language

made by jeff, jake, miccah, jreyes33, submitted by rachel
Quilt is a programming language in which programs are constructed using pixel images. For example, 'Hello World!' is a square spiral!

GitHub Star Tagger

made by apettenati, submitted by rachel
Add tags to your starred repos on GitHub, so you never again lose track of that plugin or parser you totally meant to install.

I am the controller

made by jaqarrick, Uhhmara, submitted by rachel
Create pixel art and music... with your (anonymized) face.

An animated wind sock in 261 characters

made by souren, submitted by rachel
A Tweetcart is a game or visual demo that fits in 280 characters (or fewer) of PICO-8 code. Souren animated a wind sock, with 19 characters to spare!

80 Percent Comprehension

made by hwolff00, submitted by rachel
A tool that scrapes and analyzes books to create Anki flashcard decks of vocabulary words.

Poet, an emacs theme that's suitable for writing prose

made by Kunal Bhalla, submitted by rachel
An emacs theme that is well-suited to modes like org-mode, markdown-mode, or any mode that works well with variable-pitch mode. Check out Kunal's blog post about creating Poet here:

Slate Explorer

made by Jake Donham, submitted by rachel
A tool for exploring the API of Slate, a framework for building rich-text editors. Read more about it on Jake's blog here: And check out the code here:!/slate-explorer?

How to send emails from Dream

made by Joe Thomas, submitted by rachel
Joe has been learning about web programming in OCaml during his RC batch. Here he illustrates how he set up email integration using the Dream web framework. Code here:

Chess Clock

made by SammyDeJesus, submitted by rachel
A dual-timer chess clock that allows for custom times for each player, in-game adjustments, and more!

Oblique for Processing

made by masoodkamandy, submitted by rachel
A port of Oblique (an app that allows to to apply real-time filtering of your camera feed) to Processing, OfP uses a chain of shaders to allow users to filter images.