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Ruby Code Coverage: Lines and Branches

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by rachel
Jemma writes about why you need to measure both branch coverage and line coverage to get a full picture of whether every line of code and possible case is executed in Ruby, to make your tests better!

Ringing Room

made by lelandpaul, submitted by rachel
Change ringing is the collaborative art of ringing bells (usually the large ones found in church bell towers, as pictured below) in mathematical permutations. Leland and their collaborators are building a tool to do change ringing in a virtual, socially distanced way!


made by jxxcarlson, submitted by rachel
"An infinite minimalist chorale in four parts written in Haskell using the Euterpea library." It's beautiful and moody as is, and James plans to keep working on it!

Is Processing Java?

made by brindelle, submitted by rachel
If you're interested in software archaeology or Processing, you'll enjoy Bonnie's exploration of an eternal question: is Processing, in fact, Java? If not Java, what is it?

Self-organization Interactive Evolution (SOIE)

made by roujia, submitted by rachel
SOIE is a GUI application written in Python and C++ for the interactive exploration of simulations of self-organizing active particles. Roujia's paper is here:

Apartment Air Quality Alert System

made by Chris Quintero, submitted by rachel
Useful for those of us spending lots of time inside, Chris's air quality monitor uses a PurpleAir Air Quality Monitor, Raspberry Pi, and a breadboard with an LED -- when the LED blinks, it's time to open a window.

made by nemo, submitted by rachel
A site with quick links for checking End Of Life dates (and security maintenance information) for various tools and technologies. Open to contributions!


made by suhailpatel, submitted by rachel
A toy Python module written in Rust which parses ISO8601 datetimes.

Printing floating point numbers is surprisingly hard

made by gargi, submitted by rachel
In this delightful talk from !!Con 2020, Gargi explains why printing floating point numbers is interesting, mysterious, and more complicated than you might think!


made by charstiles, submitted by rachel
A great talk from !!con 2020 about all of the cool things you can do with email, including: "maintain a git repo, display html, run your own email server, use a CLI inbox, and make art."