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made by charstiles, submitted by rachel
A great talk from !!con 2020 about all of the cool things you can do with email, including: "maintain a git repo, display html, run your own email server, use a CLI inbox, and make art."

Alphabet Soup

made by Max Bittker, submitted by rachel
From the GitHub: "Markov magnets, imagine a bowl of alphabet soup but they stick together according to linguistic co-occurrence." See the code here:

Clipboard injection on the Financial Times

made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by rachel
Andrew explores how a website might inject text when you copy and paste something, and shares some thoughts on the ethics of doing that and ways around it.

The Taming of the Clue

made by chloerevery, submitted by rachel
Chloe taught a 1980s pen plotter to solve crossword puzzles, and gave a great talk about it at !!Con 2020.

Raise your hand on video calls

made by AMozeak, submitted by rachel
A UI for video chats that displays the participants on a call and allows them to raise/lower their hands. There's a detailed walkthrough of how to implement it here:

Rusty Goban

made by cthulahoops, dylanjw, submitted by rachel
Play Go online with friends with this Rust-powered goban. Check out the code here:

Writing {{‘poems that change’, ‘chance poems’, ‘dynamic poetry’}}!

made by Andrew Yoon, submitted by rachel
A talk from !!con 2020 about how Andrew uses the blur markup language (which he created!) to write chance poetry that changes every time you refresh the page. Learn more about the blur markup language here:

getting my computer to play the windows 95 startup sound

made by QuietMisdreavus, submitted by rachel
Victoria got nostalgic for the Windows '95 boot up sound, so she got her Linux machine to play it when it started up!

Bot or Not

made by Kalli, submitted by rachel
A game where you have to figure out if your opponent is a bot or a human through chat and a game of truth or dare. Harder than it looks! Built by @kallirroi and her collaborators FOREIGN OBJECTS. Play here and learn more bots here:

Digital Bookshelf

made by gnclmorais, submitted by rachel
This digital bookshelf uses Goodreads to automatically build a page of the books Gonçalo has read. Code here: