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My Little Parser

made by Sam, submitted by rachel
Sam talks about what he learned writing a syntax analyzer for the programming language Jack (a Java variant)! Code here:


made by Fabrizzio, ckini, submitted by rachel
clocviz is an extension of cloc that lets you "analyze a target codebase and render interactive visualizations: users can traverse the file tree with a simple mouse click and see statistics including lines by file, lines by language, percentage composition per language, etc."

Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by rachel
A self-guided syllabus about computing history based on the show "Halt and Catch Fire," with a pitch-perfect retro design. (Site code here:

Family Cookbook

made by christalee, submitted by rachel
Christalee modified the LaTeX cuisine package to create a beautifully formatted family cookbook! Code here:

Including Assembly code in a C program

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by rachel
Fabrizzio demonstrates how to call functions written in Assembly in a C program.

Adjective Noun

made by Emily, submitted by rachel
The title says it all: generative adjective-noun pairings for creative prompts and/or amusement!

Commit Colors

made by bryanbraun, submitted by rachel
See what color your commit is in your terminal! Each commit is assigned a hexadecimal color based on the first six characters in the commit ID.

NHL Time on Ice Visualization

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by rachel
Interactive graphs showing how much time NHL players spent on the ice (and how much time they spent on the ice together!) in the 2019-2020 season. Code here:


made by shazow, submitted by rachel
Blend colors without having to open Photoshop (and get the hex code for the output)!

Integrating with a REST API using React Query + Next.js (with TypeScript & Tailwind CSS)

made by zaiste, submitted by rachel
Jakub gives a clear, helpful walkthrough of integrating an application with an API!