Bio: By day I work at RC, by night I mind my quartet of cats.


made by QuietMisdreavus, submitted by rachel
A "a quick-and-dirty server" to turn web articles to DOCX files and send them to the user's Kindle (with a great name!).

Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices

made by Benjojo, submitted by rachel
A blog post about reverse engineering a no longer supported VGA capture device to make it run on newer versions of Linux.

5 ways to calculate the Nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence

made by robinovitch61, submitted by rachel
Five ways to find numbers in a Fibonacci sequence using recursion, memoization, tabulation, iteration, and VM Code!

Resplendence: styling in React made easy, beautiful, and performant

made by Clarity, submitted by rachel
Use raw CSS to style your React components, right in the .js file!

A Plotter Quine

made by lord, submitted by rachel
An almost-proper-quine -- a program that prints its own source code -- in Rust, printed on one page by RC's HP7440A plotter. Check out the code here:

RC, a Racket Compiler

made by mfekadu, johnvtan, submitted by rachel
A Racket to x86 compiler written in Racket.

Creating a magical wedding videobooth

made by porterjamesj, submitted by rachel
James and Rachel built an interactive video booth for their friends' wedding (and successfully deployed it during the cocktail hour)! Check out the code here:!/jemily-wedding-photobooth

Arpongi, a two-player pong RPG

made by bridgs, submitted by rachel
This is lots of fun to play with a friend! You can also try to play against yourself, which is a bit more complicated, but also fun. You can see the code here:

Magnetic field visualization in p5.js

made by emilyxxie, submitted by rachel
An interactive animation of a magnetic field. See the code here:

Creating fractal art

made by mags21walker, submitted by rachel
An interesting look at how to program a pen plotter to draw a Dragon Curve during a workshop at RC!