made by Toph Allen, submitted by porterjamesj
An outline view library, completely implemented with SwiftUI.


made by nchammas, submitted by porterjamesj
A command line tool for easily launching Apache Spark clusters.


made by John Earnest, submitted by porterjamesj
Mako is an emulator for an imaginary video game console, kind of like PICO8. It also includes Maker, a Forth-like programming language that compiles to its bytecode, and a bunch of games written in it!

Language server for Flix

made by anthonyabeo, submitted by porterjamesj
A language server protocol and VSCode extension for the research programming language Flix (https://flix.dev).


made by rfong, submitted by porterjamesj
A Chrome extension for doing generic string replacements on webpages, like that "Millennials to Snake People" extension that was popular a while back.


made by rowan, submitted by porterjamesj
A template for making your own maps for the board game Ticket to Ride!


made by milesmcc, submitted by porterjamesj
An atomic web design toolkit, intended to be less one-size-fits all than things like Bootstrap.


made by justinjaffray, submitted by porterjamesj
A minimal abstract lens library for JavaScript.


made by anthonyabeo, submitted by porterjamesj
An emulator for the Intel 8080 architecture written in Rust. Can run ROMs for classic games like Space Invaders!


made by andrewchien, submitted by porterjamesj
Andrew built a tree search-based chess engine using Rust. It plays well enough to beat human players!