made by jennyx, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser extension that lets you see the actual rent prices for NYC apartments on Streeteasy, instead of the "promotional" prices they're often advertised with.


made by noahlevenson, submitted by porterjamesj
Fast face detection in the browser using WebAssembly.

The Haar-like show

made by noahlevenson, submitted by porterjamesj
A slowed-down visualization of computing Haar-like features for face detection algorithms.


made by jbirms, submitted by porterjamesj
A Go program that takes an image, detects a face in it, and makes a GIF that zooms in and out on the face.


made by doracaswell, submitted by porterjamesj
A procedural quilt pattern generator using p5.js.

Game of Life

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by porterjamesj
A JavaScript implementation of the game of life, featuring in-depth visualizations and analysis.

Understanding the AUROC metric

made by brilee, submitted by porterjamesj
An explanation of metrics for comparing statistical classifiers, and why the most common one, AUROC, is so commonly used.


made by rodarmor, submitted by porterjamesj
A simpler-than-make command runner.

interdimensional travel

made by thisisthais, submitted by porterjamesj
Thais made this incredibly cool fragment shader!

Emacs Lisp Challenge: flaky-if

made by nickdrozd, submitted by porterjamesj
An explanation of how to make Emacs' if-expressions behave incorrectly only some of the time, and the resulting humorous behavior of the editor.