You are a rock

made by isthisanart, submitted by porterjamesj
An unconventional text-based RPG where you play as a rock buried deep beneath the ground.

Music Box Fun

made by bryanbraun, submitted by porterjamesj
A web-based music box where scrolling the page acts like turning the crank on a physical music box! You can see the source code here:

Pairing Bot

made by marenbeam, submitted by porterjamesj
A chat bot to help people find pair programming partners!

Implementing the Builder Pattern in Carp

made by hellerve, submitted by porterjamesj
Veit demonstrates how the traditional object-oriented Builder pattern can be useful in functional programming languages like Carp, a Lisp that he's one of the main contributors to.

Open Source Formal Verification in VHDL

made by pepijndevos, submitted by porterjamesj
In this post, Pepjin demonstrates synthesizing a CPU using a hardware description language and verifying its correctness using entirely open source tools!


made by Theoriz_se, submitted by porterjamesj
An improved algorithm for assembling genomes from high-throughput sequencing data that combines some of the best features of previous approaches.


made by fewf, submitted by porterjamesj
A JavaScript implementation of the classic Italian trick-taking card game.


made by arpith, lazerwalker, brainwane, niftynei, punchagan, roberthoenig, tabbott, submitted by porterjamesj
Zulip is powerful open-source chat software with a unique nested threading model that makes it really easy to catch up on conversations. We use it every day at RC!


made by dbalan, submitted by porterjamesj
A personal snippet manager written in Go.


made by Abehmiel, submitted by porterjamesj
A python program for generating images with text that can only be read when you hold them nearly edge on to your eye—like from cereal boxes!