A simple VN engine

made by annainbrooklyn, crertel, submitted by porterjamesj
A great explanation of building a visual novel engine in JavaScript!


made by yeli, submitted by porterjamesj
Experience using the internet at common speeds in various countries.


made by aurora, submitted by porterjamesj
A raytracer in TypeScript, you can play with it online here: http://aurorayes.com/raytracer/

Face the Music

made by oky, yeli, submitted by porterjamesj
Play music with your face! You can see the source code here: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/face-the-music


made by jeancochrane, submitted by porterjamesj
A pytest plugin providing fixtures for running tests in transactions using Flask-SQLAlchemy.


made by niftynei, submitted by porterjamesj
A Golang driver implementation for Bitcoin's lightning network.

Building a CO₂ Monitor with Python on a Raspberry Pi

made by ngoldbaum, submitted by porterjamesj
Nathan was inspired by a tweet to measure the CO₂ levels in the RC space, turns out they can get pretty high!


made by trillionalyssa, submitted by porterjamesj
Bindings to the browser canvas API for the Idris language.


made by Sarah Welz Geselowitz, submitted by porterjamesj
A programming language designed to read like poetry!

React from scratch

made by thechutrain, nick, anushriadhia, submitted by porterjamesj
A 2kb implementation of React from scratch, along with a presentation built using the library itself!