made by tmickel, submitted by porterjamesj
Tim's been working on this sheet music editor during his time at RC. It features live playback, multiple instruments, tempo and volume control, repeats, and accidentals. Check it out here:


made by jsk, submitted by porterjamesj
A calming interactive visualization of a poem's cadence.


made by Justin Falcone, submitted by porterjamesj
A JavaScript library for building little languages with tagged template literals.


made by lynnagara, submitted by porterjamesj
An in-browser drawing app, built entirely with Rust and WebAssembly. Try it out at


made by stillinbeta, submitted by porterjamesj
A Game of Life server written in Rust. You can try it out over telnet!: telnet 30434

Using TLA+ to model cascading failures

made by bellmar, submitted by porterjamesj
This post shows that TLA+ can be used for things you might not expect, like modeling autoscaling and load balancing with off-the-shelf tools.


made by charlesc, submitted by porterjamesj
A quirky, object-oriented standard library for OCaml.


made by santigepigon, submitted by porterjamesj
A Clojure library that helps you test specs for breaking changes.

A Go implementation of Poly1305 that makes sense

made by filippo, submitted by porterjamesj
Filippo does great work trying to demystify cryptography and improve implementations of cryptographic algorithms, and this is a nice example.

Game of Life in Julia

made by leesharma, submitted by porterjamesj
I particularly like use of unicode variables and functions in the codebase!