Margin Notes

made by geoffreylitt, submitted by porterjamesj
A tool for automatically generating documentation from the recorded behavior of a program.

Cover Song Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks

made by marko, submitted by porterjamesj
This code can detect whether one song is a cover of another, and was eventually published at ICML 2018!


made by isthisanart, submitted by porterjamesj
Click to mine Etherium. Talk about skeuomorphism!

The Cartoonist

made by torypeterschild, submitted by porterjamesj
I love the attention to detail in this website, even the font is custom designed!


made by rcyan, stan, submitted by porterjamesj
It's soothing to watch the colors on the image gradually pour in. You can get a processing sketch that lets you try it with your own image here:

Exploding Git Repositories

made by Kate Murphy, submitted by porterjamesj
This project started out as a fun exploration and ended up with a CVE number!

Detecting beehive activity with computer vision

made by Kai Dalgleish, submitted by porterjamesj
I like it because it's surprising—seeing applications of technology like computer vision outside of what you would usually expect is pretty cool!


made by sleexyz, submitted by porterjamesj
The idea of live-coding music and visualizations is fascinating to me, and Hylogen is a great implementation of it!

Advent of Code 2018 day 3 solution in Julia

made and submitted by porterjamesj
This is my solution to day 3 of Advent of Code 2018 ( I was pretty excited about this code, because it maps very cleanly to how I thought about the problem in my head when I sat down to write it. I think it's a great illustration of how nice it can be to solve problems like this in languages with built-in support for multidimensional arrays!


made by erinkshaw , submitted by porterjamesj
Beautiful visualization of NYC subway activity over the course of a week.