A Delimiters-in-Front Coding Style

made by dwinston, submitted by porterjamesj
Reflections on where delimiters go in various programming languages and how this impacts what bugs are easy to spot and fix.

Calling WebAssembly from Rust

made by paulgb, submitted by porterjamesj
A guide to the many moving parts involving in embedding WebAssembly in a Rust program running outside the browser.


made by Joe Thomas, submitted by porterjamesj
A web API for sensor reading data written in OCaml using the Dream framework.

Programmable Matter

made by Jake Donham, submitted by porterjamesj
"Did you ever wish your document editor were more like an IDE? Your IDE more like a spreadsheet? Your spreadsheet more like a database?"

Livestream: WebAssembly GraphQL Client

made by reconbot, submitted by porterjamesj
Francis collaborates a WebAssembly-based GraphQL client—live on stream!


made by paulgb, submitted by porterjamesj
A WebGL renderer for the glyph-brush Rust text rendering library (https://github.com/alexheretic/glyph-brush/tree/master/glyph-brush), enabling it to be used on the frontend via WebAssembly.

Type-checked keypaths in Rust

made by cmyr, submitted by porterjamesj
A Rust crate for referring to paths of nested struct fields in a type-safe way (like in Swift).

Injecting executable PHP code to a JPG image file

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by porterjamesj
How to use JPG metadata to craft exploits for a hypothetical vulnerable PHP webserver.


made by nemo, submitted by porterjamesj
A command-line tool for combining PDFs and adding bookmarks, using a declarative markdown input.


made by must-compute, submitted by porterjamesj
An implementation of the bimultimap data structure in Go, which allows easy modeling of many-to-many relationships.