Postcard Wall

made by pselle, submitted by Mai
A beautiful, explorable representation of a wall of postcards that were eventually all sent in the mail. Check out the code here:


made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
Ugh, gender! But you can't learn Spanish or German or Hebrew or any number of other languages without it. Genderizer highlights grammatically gendered nouns in different colors to help you out.

Fashion Recognizer

made by cjiang, submitted by Mai
You know style when you see it, but can a computer? This project explores the use of convolutional neural nets for image classification of 10 different types of clothing and accessories.

Happy Points

made by Aiyana, submitted by Mai
The traditional sticker system is now an app, thanks to a newly home schooling family.


made by dimriver, submitted by Mai
Want to tweet but, like, not on Twitter? This shell script's got you.


made by anu, submitted by Mai
Teaching an AI to solve a maze using q-learning!

made by shean-knoppers, submitted by Mai
A programmatically generated photography archive that turns an s3 bucket into a fast-loading static page where you can preview and download high-res images. See the code here:

"Feed me, Seymour!": getting a plant to tweet

made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
Sara used a soil sensor and an arduino to help her monstera get on Twitter. Will it become an influencer? Stay tuned...

Slice of Py: a 3D object slicer

made by ttumiel, submitted by Mai
Slice of Py is a command line 3D object slicer that takes a 3D model and translates it into a set of layers for a 3D printer to print. Each layer is composed of a route for the nozzle to traverse in order to make up the slice.

Book Wyrm: a federated social reading platform

made by mouse, submitted by Mai
Book Wyrm is a federated alternative to Goodreads that lets you track what you're reading and share it with friends. Try it out here: