DevDash: a configurable terminal dashboard

made by Matthieu, submitted by Mai
Pull data from your own computer or from the cloud and display it however it's most useful to you. Read more about Matthieu's process building it here:

Video Call Linter

made by Jörn Zaefferer, submitted by Mai
Instead of critiquing your own video call setup, let this program do it for you (using face-api.js).

World Explorer: a simple exploration game for toddlers

made by Jörn Zaefferer, submitted by Mai
Designed for a two-year-old, this game lets you explore the world using a super minimal interface: just tap to zoom in and wait to zoom out.


made by lord, submitted by Mai
A CRDT library in Rust for collaborative editing of JSON documents.

The compositor is evil

made by Raph, submitted by Mai
A blog post covering the history of the compositor introduced in Mac OS X and the tradeoffs it demands.

Is this Mahler? This sounds like Mahler

made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
A custom (and beautiful!) display of what's playing now on New York's classical music station. The code is here:

Drawing Parallel Lines on a Map

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by Mai
An interactive exploration into a math-y rabbit hole that began when Patrick decided he didn't want his animated trains to look like they were colliding.

Midi sight reading app

made by EvanC, submitted by Mai
A web app that helps you learn to sight read. Hook up a midi keyboard and try it here:

Shynet had a security issue because I misunderstood CORS

made by milesmcc, submitted by Mai
A great blog post about how making an incorrect assumption about how CORS works led to a security vulnerability in the author's self-hosted analytics tool, with a helpful reminder about the dangers of copy/pasting code!

Implementing the Koch Snowflake Tessellation

made by piratefsh, submitted by Mai
A blog post about implementing the Koch snowflake tessellation. The code is linked!