Whistle switch

made by colbyr, submitted by Mai
Turn your lights on and off by whistling! Click through to watch a demo video and check out the code.

Ghost in the ethernet optic

made by Benjojo, submitted by Mai
In this blog post, Ben details his explorations of a smart SFP optical transceiver.


made by charstiles, submitted by Mai
A real-time collaborative GLSL live code editor. Check out the code here: https://github.com/CharStiles/shaderplace.

Curse Notice

made by jimkang, submitted by Mai
A web app for making message images in the style of the dialogue that appears in Castlevania 2. Check out the code here: https://github.com/jimkang/curse-notice.

Meme It So

made by kupad, submitted by Mai
"Meme It So" is a meme and GIF generator that puts every frame of Star Trek: The Next Generation at your meaning-making disposal. Very fun! Check out the code here: https://github.com/kupad/meme-it-so.

C++ Coroutines Do Not Spark Joy

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by Mai
C++20 added support for coroutines. This blog post investigates their value in practice.

The Data Behind New York's Increasingly Dirty Electricity Peaks

made by stevenleeg, submitted by Mai
A data exploration in R of the fuel mix used to serve New York City's electricity grid during times of peak demand. Check out the code here: https://github.com/stevenleeg/nyiso-dirty-peaks.

Escher Circuits: Using Vision to Perform Computation

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
This blog post explicates a paper proposing a hypothetical, mind-bending concept: images that trick the eye into performing computation.

I keep making things out of checkboxes

made by bryanbraun, submitted by Mai
You thought you knew checkboxes? Think again.

Imaging mounted disk volumes under duress

made by Benjojo, submitted by Mai
A tool for creating backups when you can’t use a point in time snapshot on the block level. Check out the code here: https://github.com/benjojo/hot-clone.