An innocent query that caused Zulip downtime

made by punchagan, submitted by Mai
An investigation into a small bug that caused a big problem.

Etymology Explorer

made by Kaley, submitted by Mai
This program lets you explore etymology by visualizing phonetic and semantic connections between words. Inspired by Gabor Ugray’s talk on Chinese characters at !!con.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

made by jjst, submitted by Mai
An extra-dimensional tic tac toe game written in Elm, with networked multiplayer support.

Exploring the Vasulka PDF Archive

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by Mai
A series of short investigations into meaningful archival access, created during RC's annual alumni reunion week. Technical overview here:

Postcard Wall

made by pselle, submitted by Mai
A beautiful, explorable representation of a wall of postcards that were eventually all sent in the mail. Check out the code here:


made by sarabee, submitted by Mai
Ugh, gender! But you can't learn Spanish or German or Hebrew or any number of other languages without it. Genderizer highlights grammatically gendered nouns in different colors to help you out.

Fashion Recognizer

made by cjiang, submitted by Mai
You know style when you see it, but can a computer? This project explores the use of convolutional neural nets for image classification of 10 different types of clothing and accessories.

Happy Points

made by Aiyana, submitted by Mai
The traditional sticker system is now an app, thanks to a newly home schooling family.


made by marenbeam, submitted by Mai
Want to tweet but, like, not on Twitter? This shell script's got you.


made by anu, submitted by Mai
Teaching an AI to solve a maze using q-learning!