More Hearts Than Bullets

made by Leli, submitted by Mai
A clever variant on a Space Invaders type game, where you shoot hearts at your sad friends until they get happy!

Lunar Bocce

made by Max Bittker, submitted by Mai
Two-player bocce ball in space. Watch out for the gravity wells of the celestial spheres!

A two-dimensional maze generator in C++

made by doron, submitted by Mai
This program uses seven algorithms to procedurally generate perfect two-dimensional mazes. Perfect mazes contain no loops, and for each point in the maze, there is exactly one path to any other point in the maze. It also has a separate renderer so you can write your own generator if you want to!

Logical clocks implemented in Rust

made by kavirajk, submitted by Mai
A logical clock is a mechanism for capturing chronological and causal relationships in a distributed system. This program, written in Rust, implements vector clocks and dotted version vectors.

Pretty Mes: visual poetry ripped from the headlines

made by DanielMiller, submitted by Mai
Pretty Mes is a Flask app that parses current news headlines to generate "mesostics" (a type of procedural poem) and generative typographies from current news headlines in the style of American experimental artist John Cage.

Mosaic Knitting Pattern Generator/Editor

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by Mai
This is a program written in Python to generate and edit mosaic knitting patterns, with built-in validation based on whether the pattern is possible to physically knit! It's currently designed to build an 8 stitch by 8(16) row block, displayed as a tesselation in real time.

You Won’t Believe This One Weird CPU Instruction!

made by vaibhavsagar, submitted by Mai
A brief history of the uses of popcount (aka 'the NSA instruction'), delivered at !!Con 2019.

Fandomized Algorithms

made by alexrudnick, lkuper, submitted by Mai
In honor of AO3's recent Hugo Award, a fandom number generator written in Python by Lindsey Kuper and Alex Rudnick. The accompanying paper is recommended.

AI-generated piano improvisation

made by pchatha, submitted by Mai
Using several years of Yamaha's International Piano-e-Competition dataset for training, this AI generates classical piano MIDI performances.

PsychOut: a live shader editor

made by catilac, submitted by Mai
PsychOut lets you write and edit Metal shaders and see the results in real time.