Computers can be understood

made by nelhage, submitted by Mai
A principled exploration of the author's philosophical approach to computing in general and debugging specifically.


made by meereeum, submitted by Mai
It's a glitch art generator written in Python. Guaranteed to create glitched images; 'art' not guaranteed.

Building a browser

made by bern, submitted by Mai
An HTML/CSS rendering engine written in Go, because browsers are cool.

A Lisp implemented as a Rust procedural macro

made by MainShayne233, submitted by Mai
It really shows the power of Rust's macro system.

mkcert: a simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates

made by filippo, submitted by Mai
mkcert automatically creates and installs a local CA in the system root store, and generates locally-trusted certificates. Configuring servers to use the certificates is up to you.

Comma Quest

made by Meghna, submitted by Mai
Comma Quest is an interactive narrative built in p5.js that experiments with abstraction and identity. You play as a geometric shape slowly gaining consciousness and exploring a world built entirely out of type.

Be Your Own Password Generator

made by hachibu, submitted by Mai
This password generator uses a video of you to generate a random password. Read more about it here:

A command-line haiku generator

made by norax, submitted by Mai
A command-line program to generate haikus using Markov chains!

Wikidata Card Game Generator

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
Generate your own card game based on any topic using Wikidata! It works by fetching instances of arbitrary subclasses of the topic, finding the properties that occur most often, and selecting the 32 cards which have as many of these as possible filled in. Made by blinry and bleeptrack.

Pho-diff: visualize phonetic differences between languages

made by santigepigon, submitted by Mai
Pho-diff lets you visually compare the phonetic inventories of two languages by presenting a diff of their representations in the International Phonetic Alphabet!