A guide to recursion, with examples

made by Matthieu, submitted by Mai
A clearly written guide to recursion, with examples in PHP.


made by Paul Peng, submitted by Mai
A fun visualization using p5. Invisible circles, each with a color, coming out from the center of the drawing, evenly spaced. When a circle goes past the edge, it comes back in from the other side. Draw a line between the centers of overlapping circles colored the average of the circles' colors, lighter when further apart, heavier when closer together. Code here: https://github.com/paul1peng/center

Crossword Puzzle Composer

made by Patrick Weaver, submitted by Mai
An app for creating crossword puzzles that encodes the clues and answers in the URL, storing nothing on the server. The screenshot is from an RC-themed puzzle and the code is here: https://github.com/patrickweaver/crossword

A game to learn Git

made by blinry, submitted by Mai
An interactive Git learning game & visualization where you play as a time agent solving temporal paradoxes, built by blinry and bleeptrack with the help of the Godot game engine.

Assembly language (not the one you think!)

made by danmccandless, submitted by Mai
A programming language written in Go that uses legalese and parliamentary language to encode operations.

fleuve: an esolang inspired by Italo Calvino

made by zed, submitted by Mai
The rules are made along the way! A small esoteric programming language written in Python.

DevDash: a configurable terminal dashboard

made by Matthieu, submitted by Mai
Pull data from your own computer or from the cloud and display it however it's most useful to you. Read more about Matthieu's process building it here: https://thevaluable.dev/programming-side-project-example-devdash/.

Video Call Linter

made by Jörn Zaefferer, submitted by Mai
Instead of critiquing your own video call setup, let this program do it for you (using face-api.js).

World Explorer: a simple exploration game for toddlers

made by Jörn Zaefferer, submitted by Mai
Designed for a two-year-old, this game lets you explore the world using a super minimal interface: just tap to zoom in and wait to zoom out.


made by lord, submitted by Mai
A CRDT library in Rust for collaborative editing of JSON documents.