All is all

made by Alex Calderwood, submitted by Mai
A work in progress poetry generation engine in Python. The README includes a great reading list of papers.

NY Times First Said

made by Max Bittker, submitted by Mai
A twitter bot that tracks when the New York Times publishes a word for the first time in its history!


made by lunacodes, submitted by Mai
A widget for Jewish halakhic times that pulls the user's location and outputs zemannim according to Sephardic tradition. It uses the SunCalc library to calculate the position and phase of the sun and moon.


made by stevenleeg, submitted by Mai
Co-create a playlist and groove with friends near and far on this open source clone of (RIP).

TypeScript simulation of an elevator bank in a building

made by louije, submitted by Mai
It's built in a modular way. The "world" (renderer, building state, lift behavior) is separate from the "controller" code, which determines which lift is sent to which floor when someone presses a button. See it in action at

Generalized game solver

made by Yoni, submitted by Mai
If you can program the rules, this general game solver written in Haskell can play!

Sol-itude: An Exploration of Randomness through the Art of Sol LeWitt

made by jaryncolbert, submitted by Mai
This project explores Solomon "Sol" LeWitt's wall drawings, where each piece is defined by a set of instructions that are left open to interpretation by other artists that execute the works. It randomizes the ambiguous properties of each drawing to play with the constraints of each work. You can see the code here:

L-Systems Editor

made by Winston, submitted by Mai
A super cool (and pretty!) L-Systems visualization tool