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Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A great overview of Ruby 3.0 garbage collector's internal constants and what they're used for.

Reading the header of a wav file

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by nicholasbs
Ever wonder how a WAV file is stored? This post explains how WAV files are formatted, along with example C code for reading them.

Visualizing Packrat Parsing

made by awarth, pdubroy, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool for visualizing and stepping through the execution of a parser. Read the post and try it out yourself:

Let’s Build a Quasiquoter

made by hellerve, submitted by nicholasbs
Veit explains what quasiquoting is, why it's useful, and how he added a quasiquoter to Carp, a statically typed Lisp designed for real-time applications.

The hyperbezier pen tool

made by Raph, cmyr, submitted by nicholasbs
A new model for a path-drawing pen tool that uses "hyperbezier" curves, which have two control points.

IRB's Built-in Measure

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
Did you know Ruby 3.0 has an easy, built-in way to measure how long code takes to run in the REPL? This post walks you through the new feature and how to use it.

A Vim Guide for Intermediate Users

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
Part of a series of detailed posts to help you become a better Vim user!

Calculating a slice of pi with trickery

made by milesmcc, submitted by nicholasbs
A fun walkthrough of calculating pi in your browser using the Chudnovsky algorithm.

Ruby's Method#parameters

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth review of all the ways you can define method parameters in Ruby.

Git stash doesn't have to be scary

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick and interactive intro to using `git stash`.