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A Vim Guide For Veteran Users

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
The fifth post in a series on Vim. Even if you're a long-time Vim user, this post is sure to have some tips and tricks you've never seen.

TIL: Most URLs are syntactically valid JavaScript code

made by georgemandis, submitted by nicholasbs
Did you know you can copy and paste almost any URL into your JavaScript code and your code will still work, even if the URL isn't quoted or commented out?

Implementing a calculator parser in Rust

made by petermalmgren, submitted by nicholasbs
Building a simple calculator by writing a recursive descent parser in Rust.

Writing Pythonic Rust

made by cmyr, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed walkthrough of the challenges of writing a Python library in Rust that feels truly Pythonic.

How to look at the stack with gdb

made by bork, submitted by nicholasbs
Exactly what it says on the tin: A clear guide to how you can use GDB to look at and understand a program's stack space.

Running bash commands with git alias

made by gnclmorais, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick tip for adding some very useful Git aliases!

Effective Use of Array#bsearch

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
An explanation of what Ruby's built-in binary search method assumes about the arrays you call it on so you can use it effectively.

Implementing Tracepath in Rust

made by petermalmgren, submitted by nicholasbs
A walkthrough for implementing the Tracepath command line tool in Rust!

A ripple animation in JavaScript

made by bryanbraun, submitted by nicholasbs
An explanation and walkthrough for making a ripple animation, including both the math and JavaScript to make it work.

The command-line GNU awk // Part 01 - The Basics [Learn by Practicing]

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
A video introduction to the command line tool awk, with accompanying files and tasks to practice using it yourself.