Bio: I help run the Recurse Center. In my spare time, I like learning Mandarin and walking around New York.

conrad — Conference Radar

made by vinayakmehta, submitted by nicholasbs
A command line tool that helps you track conferences and meetups.

Under the Hood of a Simple DNS Server

made by aos, submitted by nicholasbs
A walkthrough of implementing a simple DNS server that follows the original RFCs for the protocol.


made by Tamrat, submitted by nicholasbs
A visual note-taking app that lets you easily lay out notes and images on a board. Source:

Fermat's Last Margin

made by shapr, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool for writing (as much as you want!) in the margin of research papers, and sharing those annotations via Git!


made by ruijiefang, submitted by nicholasbs
A simple engine for manipulating symbolic mathematics in Lisp-style S-expressions in OCaml.

SPGB - Game Boy Color emulator

made by talyian, submitted by nicholasbs
A Game Boy Color emulator written in C++ and WASM.

How traceroute works

made by wesleyac, submitted by nicholasbs
An explanation of how packets travel across the internet, with a tiny implementation of the traceroute network tool!


made by Michael Arntzenius, submitted by nicholasbs
A tiny Lisp designed for exploring the ideas behind Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust:

Learning about babashka, a minimalist Clojure for building CLI tools

made by amontalenti, submitted by nicholasbs
Babashka is a lightweight Clojure interpreter. Because it doesn't rely on the JVM, it starts extremely quickly, making it great for writing command line tools and scripts.

Street view of New York in the 80s

made by bdon, submitted by nicholasbs
Browse images on a map of New York's streets in the 1980s! Source: