Bio: I help run the Recurse Center. In my spare time, I like learning Mandarin and walking around New York.

Reasoning about colors

made by neeasade, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth post about colors, including clear explanations of different color spaces (RGB, HSL, etc) and how to define other concepts like contrast and pastels in terms of those spaces.

Starting to Build a Scrabble Game in Rust

made by amedee, submitted by nicholasbs
Amédée started building a game of scrabble, and is writing about their thinking and decisions in the process. Followup post here:

How to Recalculate a Spreadsheet

made by lord, submitted by nicholasbs
An in-depth review of the technical challenges of recalculating dependent values in a spreadsheet.


made by stephen, submitted by nicholasbs
A fast and friendly CSS compiler written in Go.

Using TLA+ in the Real World to Understand a Glibc Bug

made by Malte Skarupke, submitted by nicholasbs
A detailed analysis of using TLA+ to solve a bug in complex, real-world code.

A React library for multistep workflows

made by omar, submitted by nicholasbs
A nice, lightweight library for building multistep workflows in React.

Cross-Compiling Rust apps for the Raspberry Pi

made by fabian, submitted by nicholasbs
What do you do if you want to compile a large Rust project on a Raspberry Pi with a comparatively slow CPU and only 1 GB of RAM?

awk: `BEGIN { ...`

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A quick introduction to to the basics of AWK. For more, check out part two:

A Beginner's Guide to Postgres Performance Monitoring

made by malisper, submitted by nicholasbs
Some simple things you can do to get useful performance monitoring in Postgres, without any additional software.

A Concurrent Sudoku Solver with Channels

made by danmccandless, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of modeling the solution to a Sudoku puzzle as a number of independent deductive steps and building a concurrent solver.