Bathroom guy flossing animation with SVG and Elm

made and submitted by hkgumbs
Kofi animated the bathroom guy to move to the rhythm in his heart

Building a Better Meatloaf

made by Joe_Winter, submitted by porterjamesj
A long-term project aimed at analyzing large numbers of online recipes for a given food (e.g. meatloaf) to answer questions like which ingredients are the most important, what interesting variations exist, and what's the "average" meatloaf recipe.

A Plotter Quine

made by lord, submitted by rachel
An almost-proper-quine -- a program that prints its own source code -- in Rust, printed on one page by RC's HP7440A plotter. Check out the code here:


made by harold, submitted by davidbalbert
The Manhattan street grid, extended to all points in the world.


made by TomLisankie, submitted by porterjamesj
A Python program for determining how well two words rhyme. You can read about how it works here:

Files are fraught with peril

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
It turns out that reading and writing to files is complicated.

Recurse Center Logo PCB

made by strickinato, submitted by porterjamesj
Aaron designed a light-up printed circuit board of the RC logo!

Syscalls for Rustaceans

made by gargi, submitted by porterjamesj
Gargi's delightful RustConf talk explains syscalls and how to write a system call tracer (like strace) using Rust.

RC, a Racket Compiler

made by johnvtan, mfekadu, submitted by rachel
A Racket to x86 compiler written in Racket.

Computer Plinko

made by doron, alejvillanueva, submitted by porterjamesj
A browser-based implementation of the game Plinko. You can see the source code here: