made by stevenleeg, submitted by Mai
Co-create a playlist and groove with friends near and far on this open source clone of (RIP).

Why is modern web development so complicated?

made by vrk, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of the evolution of modern web development practices, starting from simple static sites.


made by aurora, submitted by porterjamesj
A raytracer in TypeScript, you can play with it online here:

SMT Solvers, Integer Linear Programming

made by shapr, submitted by nicholasbs
Using an SMT solver and linear programming to play the game Endless Sky

One Program Written in Python, Go, and Rust

made by nhahn, submitted by nicholasbs
A comparison of three versions of the same program to calculate the diff between two images, implemented in Python, Go, and Rust.

TypeScript simulation of an elevator bank in a building

made by louije, submitted by Mai
It's built in a modular way. The "world" (renderer, building state, lift behavior) is separate from the "controller" code, which determines which lift is sent to which floor when someone presses a button. See it in action at

Face the Music

made by oky, yeli, submitted by porterjamesj
Play music with your face! You can see the source code here:!/face-the-music


made by jeancochrane, submitted by porterjamesj
A pytest plugin providing fixtures for running tests in transactions using Flask-SQLAlchemy.

Reply: a REPL for Perl

made by doy, submitted by davidbalbert
A Perl REPL with support for tab completion, automatic class reloading, history support, and more.

Computer latency: 1977-2017

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
A review of the last 30 years of computer input latency. Computers are getting faster, but latency keeps growing.