Creating fractal art

made by mags21walker, submitted by rachel
An interesting look at how to program a pen plotter to draw a Dragon Curve during a workshop at RC!


made by niftynei, submitted by porterjamesj
A Golang driver implementation for Bitcoin's lightning network.

Functional DevOps in a Dysfunctional World

made by vaibhavsagar, submitted by nicholasbs
An overview of how you can use Nix to build a better deploy process -- one that is automatic, repeatable, idempotent, reversible, and atomic.

I just made Ruby++

made by xuuso, submitted by nicholasbs
A guide to patching the Ruby interpreter's parser to add an increment (e.g., i++) operator.

Buggy calendar systems

made by xuuso, submitted by rachel
It's not every day that you uncover a 16th-century calendar bug in Ruby!


made and submitted by spirtes
A mobile web app that when you input your name and birthday the next page will show you a greeting with your horoscope! Also a great example of how to use ReactiveSwift and MVVM for beginners.

Generalized game solver

made by Yoni, submitted by Mai
If you can program the rules, this general game solver written in Haskell can play!

Choreographer-js: A simple library to take care of complicated animations

made by christinecha, submitted by nicholasbs
A simple library to take care of complex CSS animations.

Sol-itude: An Exploration of Randomness through the Art of Sol LeWitt

made by jaryncolbert, submitted by Mai
This project explores Solomon "Sol" LeWitt's wall drawings, where each piece is defined by a set of instructions that are left open to interpretation by other artists that execute the works. It randomizes the ambiguous properties of each drawing to play with the constraints of each work. You can see the code here:

Xi, a fast, native text editor

made by cmyr, Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Xi (pronounced "Zigh") is cross platform, but it has a native UI on every operating system that it runs on. Text is rendered on the GPU, so it's blazing fast.