Fandomized Algorithms

made by alexrudnick, lkuper, submitted by Mai
In honor of AO3's recent Hugo Award, a fandom number generator written in Python by Lindsey Kuper and Alex Rudnick. The accompanying paper is recommended.

You are a rock

made by isthisanart, submitted by porterjamesj
An unconventional text-based RPG where you play as a rock buried deep beneath the ground.

Arpongi, a two-player pong RPG

made by bridgs, submitted by rachel
This is lots of fun to play with a friend! You can also try to play against yourself, which is a bit more complicated, but also fun. You can see the code here:


made by darius, submitted by davidbalbert
A Lisp written in Awk. Written and posted to Usenet in 1994. Updated in 2001 with garbage collection. The repository contains a bonus Lisp written in Perl.

No.JS: a chat app without JavaScript

made by talos, submitted by davidbalbert
A web-based chat application that doesn't use any JavaScript. It even runs in IE 4.0.

Magnetic field visualization in p5.js

made by emilyxxie, submitted by rachel
An interactive animation of a magnetic field. See the code here:

Income, Race, Bikes

made by stevenleeg, aberke, submitted by aberke
Is the placement of bike-share docks equitable? The map explores this question visually. It displays the progressive placement of bike-share docking stations over time, along with the race and median income of residents in the areas they serve. The map shows the addition of the docks, as well as the changes in income and race throughout the years the bike-share program has been in service. You can toggle the display to see only income, or race, or bikes data, or any of their combinations.


made by mouse, submitted by davidbalbert
Sheet music run through OCR and a text to speech synthesizer. The result is then played back on top of a recording of the piece. Source:

How long will it take my ice cream to melt?

made by tophtucker, submitted by davidbalbert
A website that tells you how long it will take for your ice cream to melt. It takes into account the weather where you are.

AI-generated piano improvisation

made by pchatha, submitted by Mai
Using several years of Yamaha's International Piano-e-Competition dataset for training, this AI generates classical piano MIDI performances.