made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
The PDF specification includes a JavaScript interpreter, and Chrome's PDF reader implements some of its API. This PDF has a game of Breakout embedded inside it. The README describes the clever hacks used to make it work.


made by miles, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiling window manager, written from scratch. Miles used it as his main window manager for a year after writing it.

Bird Tinder

made by noahzgordon, submitted by davidbalbert
It's Tinder for birds. A faithful recreation of the real thing (including animations), but with one obvious difference. Written in Elm. Running version at


made by gabriellesc, submitted by davidbalbert
An in-browser IDE for the Piet programming language.


made by brilee, submitted by davidbalbert
A minimal Go AI modeled on AlphaGo. It became the basis of Minigo (, which is maintained by the Tensorflow team.

Palette Town

made by quelledanielle, submitted by davidbalbert
A GameBoy Color palette browser that uses your webcam.

Closing Time

made by haagen_daz, submitted by davidbalbert
Most stores aren't open 24/7. is. This extension makes more like other stores. The new hours are 10am-9pm M-F and 11am-8pm Sundays.

Unfamiliar City

made by mouse, submitted by davidbalbert
Programmatically generated city guides for imaginary cities. Pictures, maps, places of interest, local language, flora and fauna are all included.


made by mouse, coco, submitted by davidbalbert
A programming language where every computation happens in a separate Docker container.


made by charlietran, submitted by davidbalbert
A small game for the PICO-8 fantasy console. The animations are beautiful.