made by pepijndevos, submitted by davidbalbert
Pepijn made a mouse out of wood. What a cool project.

Reply: a REPL for Perl

made by doy, submitted by davidbalbert
A Perl REPL with support for tab completion, automatic class reloading, history support, and more.

Computer latency: 1977-2017

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
A review of the last 30 years of computer input latency. Computers are getting faster, but latency keeps growing.

Xi, a fast, native text editor

made by cmyr, Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Xi (pronounced "Zigh") is cross platform, but it has a native UI on every operating system that it runs on. Text is rendered on the GPU, so it's blazing fast.

Code Lauren

made by maryrosecook, submitted by davidbalbert
A live programming environment for making games. It supports running code in both directions: forward and reverse.


made by s4y, submitted by davidbalbert
Dash lets you display the contents of a web page on your Mac desktop. Whenever you update the HTML file, Dash redraws itself. It's a great tool for scripting.

Age specification, a simple file encryption tool & format

made by Benjojo, filippo, submitted by davidbalbert
Age is a replacement for GPG's file encryption features that will be easier to use without making mistakes.

The Cover of The Sun Also Rises

made by duncan, submitted by davidbalbert
A picture of the cover of The Sun Also Rises, read to you pixel by pixel. 800 chapters long. The full audio recording is 2.48 GB.

2D Graphics on Modern GPU

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Original research on implementing a performant 2D imaging model on the GPU.

Recursive Filesystem Entries

made by wesleyac, submitted by davidbalbert
Wesley put a 4GB file in a 232KB file system by making some clever modifications to the FAT.