Culturally transmitted skills and values

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
Dan is one of the deepest questioners of conventional industry wisdom that I know about (R0ml being the other one). Here, he turns his eye towards culture in general, and debugging in particular.

Age reaches 1.0

made by Benjojo, filippo, submitted by davidbalbert
Filippo and Ben's new file encryption tool Age, which is meant to replace GPG for sending encrypted files, has reached 1.0! In addition to generating Age specific encryption keys, Age can also use SSH keys, so you can encrypt a file for anyone whose SSH public key you have handy.

Imp: live repl

made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie made a video introducing the live REPL for Imp, his relational programming language. The live REPL is embedded in Focus, his text editor (!!). Video is quiet, so crank your volume.

So you want to write a GUI framework

made by cmyr, submitted by davidbalbert
Colin has been working on Druid[1], a cross-platform GUI framework, for a while now. In this blog post, he lays out the set of things a GUI framework for writing desktop applications needs to handle. [1]

Miscellaneous Findings VIII: Modulation

made by jimkang, submitted by davidbalbert
Jim decided to learn about modulation. To transmit speech without modulating it onto a carrier signal, you'd need a 3.75 km long antenna!

Sound of the Far Future

made by jimkang, submitted by davidbalbert
A computer generated album of music exploring events predicted to happen between now and 10^10^10^56 years in the future. It plays live in your browser. Source: Bandcamp:

Implicit ordering in relational languages

made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie continues exploring the bounds of relational programming by implementing a CRDT in both SQL and Imp, a language of his design.

Writing a basic shell

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by davidbalbert
Have you ever wanted to write your own Unix shell? Here's a concise walkthrough.

IETF RFCs that are actually just poems

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by davidbalbert
"Twas the night before start-up and all through the net, not a packet was moving; no bit nor octet."

Evaluating array reference performance: row-major vs. column-major order

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by davidbalbert
A deep dive into the performance characteristics of accessing multidimensional arrays in row-major order vs column-major order. Cache misses, cycle counts, etc.