Intel 8080 Emulator

made by anthonyabeo, submitted by davidbalbert
An Intel 8080 emulator written in Rust.

Archimedes' Cattle Problem

made by its_computers, submitted by davidbalbert
A blog post about Archimedes' cattle problem. A choice sentence: "Around 2300 years ago, Archimedes developed a "BigInteger" scheme."

What’s the Levenshtein distance?

made by rolandcrosby, submitted by davidbalbert
An interactive visualization of Levenshtein distance. Source:!/whatsthelev


made by Max Bittker, submitted by davidbalbert
A beautiful simulation of a sealed aquatic ecosystem.

A Taste of GPU Compute

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
A detailed overview of how GPUs work and approaches for effectively using GPUs for general purpose computing.


made by Sol Sarratea, submitted by davidbalbert
Beautiful fractals written with WebGL shaders.

Mary livecodes a drum machine

made by maryrosecook, submitted by davidbalbert
A video of Mary livecoding a drum machine. You can also run the code live, and read the annotated source.

Your First THINK C Program

made by John Earnest, submitted by davidbalbert
A guide to getting started programming a Macintosh running System 7.

`zig cc`: a Powerful Drop-In Replacement for GCC/Clang

made by andrewrk, submitted by davidbalbert
As part of writing Zig, a new programming language to replace C, Andrew has also written a C compiler frontend with all sorts of tricks including seamless cross-compilation.


made by darius, submitted by davidbalbert
A small, readable, self-hosted Lisp to C compiler.