made by darius, submitted by davidbalbert
A Lisp written in Awk. Written and posted to Usenet in 1994. Updated in 2001 with garbage collection. The repository contains a bonus Lisp written in Perl.

No.JS: a chat app without JavaScript

made by talos, submitted by davidbalbert
A web-based chat application that doesn't use any JavaScript. It even runs in IE 4.0.


made by mouse, submitted by davidbalbert
Sheet music run through OCR and a text to speech synthesizer. The result is then played back on top of a recording of the piece. Source:

How long will it take my ice cream to melt?

made by tophtucker, submitted by davidbalbert
A website that tells you how long it will take for your ice cream to melt. It takes into account the weather where you are.

Image distortion with Perlin noise

made by kerryrodden, submitted by davidbalbert
A wonderfully creative application of Perlin noise.

Best Clock, Beef Clock

made by steve_shipman, submitted by davidbalbert
A clock that is never right, and unpredictable, but always looks plausibly correct.


made by davidbalbert, zachallaun, submitted by davidbalbert
An HTTPS reverse proxy that lets people pick custom subdomains for their websites and web apps.

Just One Boss

made by ayla~nonsense, submitted by davidbalbert
A Pico-8 game with beautiful animation.


made by jfo, submitted by davidbalbert
A small Lisp written in C. Jeff kept a diary on his blog ( while writing it.


made by jamii, Kevin Lynagh, submitted by davidbalbert
A clever prototype GUI for exploring relational databases.