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Git is my buddy: Effective Git as a solo developer

made by Mikkel, submitted by nicholasbs
A case for using Git as a solo developer for more than just rolling back to old versions of your code.

GraphQL or REST?! Persisted Queries for the best of both worlds

made by zaiste, submitted by nicholasbs
A case for using "Persisted Queries" with GraphQL to get some of the benefits of REST (without losing the benefits of GraphQL).

Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
A great overview of Ruby 3.0 garbage collector's internal constants and what they're used for.

Reading the header of a wav file

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by nicholasbs
Ever wonder how a WAV file is stored? This post explains how WAV files are formatted, along with example C code for reading them.

Visualizing Packrat Parsing

made by awarth, pdubroy, submitted by nicholasbs
A tool for visualizing and stepping through the execution of a parser. Read the post and try it out yourself:

Let’s Build a Quasiquoter

made by hellerve, submitted by nicholasbs
Veit explains what quasiquoting is, why it's useful, and how he added a quasiquoter to Carp, a statically typed Lisp designed for real-time applications.

The hyperbezier pen tool

made by Raph, cmyr, submitted by nicholasbs
A new model for a path-drawing pen tool that uses "hyperbezier" curves, which have two control points.

IRB's Built-in Measure

made by jemmaissroff, submitted by nicholasbs
Did you know Ruby 3.0 has an easy, built-in way to measure how long code takes to run in the REPL? This post walks you through the new feature and how to use it.

A Vim Guide for Intermediate Users

made by Matthieu, submitted by nicholasbs
Part of a series of detailed posts to help you become a better Vim user!

Calculating a slice of pi with trickery

made by milesmcc, submitted by nicholasbs
A fun walkthrough of calculating pi in your browser using the Chudnovsky algorithm.