Sally's Pasta Palace

made by sillyking, submitted by Mai
A library of pasta shapes visualized in three.js!

End of Life, as it should be

made by nemo, submitted by Mai
This site keeps track of End Of Life dates for various tools and technologies. It collates this data and presents it in an easily accessible format, with URLs that are easy to guess and remember. Code is here:

Folders: an esolang written in directory structures

made by rottytooth, submitted by Mai
Folders is a programming language that doesn't use any text; programs are encoded into a directory structure. All files within are ignored, as are the names of the folders. Commands and expressions are encoded by the pattern of folders within folders. Gave me a new perspective from which to think about form and content!

A personal website in the style of Windows 98

made by deedoubleyou, submitted by Mai
You can drag the icons and windows around! The recycle bin takes you to Twitter! This one's really fun.

Media Collection Viewer

made by Ashley Blewer, submitted by Mai
This site takes a MediaInfo JSON and generates charts that provide you with a high-level overview of your audio and/or video collections. You can read more about it on Ashley's blog at and check out the code at

MIDI to Chiptune

made by Sophie Shears, submitted by Mai
This app uses Tonejs to play back MIDI files in the style of old video game music, or chiptunes. In the image, it's giving a rousing rendition of the Titanic theme song. Check out the code here:

Color Guesser

made by Emily, submitted by Mai
This game lets you test your ability to pick out a color based on its CSS name. Check out the code here:

Fitting cubic Bézier curves

made by Raph, submitted by Mai
This post presents an efficient and accurate solution to cubic Bézier curve fitting, along with some insight into what makes this a hard problem.

Flenser: a simple data exploration tool

made by jmccambridge, submitted by Mai
If you give Flenser a CSV, it outputs an HTML file with information that will help you get to know a new-to-you dataset. Useful!

Party Parrot waves and Collection rotations

made by jasdev, submitted by Mai
How do you get parrot emojis to do the wave? By writing a script in Swift, obviously.