Why Kademlia uses XOR as a distance metric

made by rfong, submitted by Mai
This blog post is a cool explainer of one approach to distributed hash tables.

A Formal Theory of Spaghetti Code

made by nickdrozd, submitted by Mai
This blog post attempts to define spaghetti-ness in order to formally test the hypothesis that spaghetti code is the way to maximize runtime in Busy Beaver programs.

num2math: a mathematical expression generator

made by enjeck, submitted by Mai
Do you want to say '1' as inscrutably as possible? This web app will generate a complicated mathematical expression for the integer of your choice. Check out the code here: https://github.com/enjeck/num2math.

In-browser tongue interaction

made by woodbury, submitted by Mai
Using client-side JavaScript and a user’s webcam, this game is a proof-of-concept of a hardware-independent approach to tongue-computer interaction. Read more about it here: https://woodburyshortridge.github.io/tongue-comp-interface.

A Cursed Bug

made by nelhage, submitted by Mai
What makes a bug cursed? A blog post about tracking down a particularly satisfying one.

Building reliable distributed systems with refinement types

made by lkuper, submitted by Mai
In this blog post, Lindsey Kuper shares her research agenda at the intersection of distributed systems and programming languages. Read it for an interesting overview of the problem space, a cool example of working in public, and an invitation to collaborate!

Predicting the tide with a Lego computer

made by pepijndevos, submitted by Mai
Recreating a 19th century analog computer that predicts the tides -- with Legos!

Testing-library user event with fake timers

made by Fabrizzio, submitted by Mai
A blog post about testing user interactions in JavaScript with the userEvent API.

Serifu: a markup language for comic book scripts

made by Paul Starr, submitted by Mai
Serifu is a simple markup language for composing comic book scripts (in particular, translations of Japanese manga) as plain text. You can check out a demo web-based editor for it here: https://serifu-sketchpad.glitch.me/. There's also an InDesign extension!

Who Moved My Cheese: Laziness in Clojure

made by Otee, submitted by Mai
This blog post walks through what lazy sequences are and how to implement them from scratch in Clojure.