Looking for debugger

made by jamii, submitted by davidbalbert
Jamie is searching for a good debugging experience for C and Zig. He tried a bunch of debuggers and wrote up what he found.

Against essential and accidental complexity

made by impostor, submitted by davidbalbert
Dan deconstructs Fred Brooks's assertions about accidental and essential complexity from No Silver Bullet in a way that only Dan can.

Heartbleed test

made by filippo, submitted by davidbalbert
In 2014, Filippo made the de facto standard tool for testing to see if your website was vulnerable to Heartbleed. (source: https://github.com/FiloSottile/Heartbleed)

How to Take Over The Computer of Any Java (or Clojure or Scala) Developer

made by mveytsman, submitted by davidbalbert
In 2014, Max realized that packages from Maven Central weren't served over TLS. He built a proof of concept exploit that added cat pictures to any Java program that installed a package from the internet, and convinced Maven Central to support TLS.

A screencast on deriving Publisher from Swift’s Sequence protocol

made by jasdev, submitted by davidbalbert
Jasdev made a screencast to give you a more intuitive understanding of Apple's Combine framework.

Day 5: drawing lots of faces with sketch-rnn

made by bork, submitted by davidbalbert
Julia is teaching a recurrent neural network to make good line drawings of faces.

How I was able to track the location of any Tinder user.

made by mveytsman, submitted by davidbalbert
In 2013, Max realized that you could use triangulation to discover the precise location of any user on Tinder. Max built a proof of concept and notified Tinder, and they fixed the vulnerability.

Text layout is a loose hierarchy of segmentation

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Raph wrote an overview of how text layout works. He's been working on text layout and rendering for over 35 years.

The Browser as a Modular, Networked Video Synthesizer

made by ojack, submitted by davidbalbert
Olivia gave a talk at JSConf Hawaii about Hydra, her live programming environment.

Implementing 'focus and reply' for Fastmail with JMAP

made by bork, submitted by davidbalbert
Julia wrote an open source implementation of Hey.com's "Focus & Reply" feature for Fastmail using JMAP, a new email protocol. Source: https://github.com/jvns/focus-reply-fastmail