made by s4y, submitted by davidbalbert
Dash lets you display the contents of a web page on your Mac desktop. Whenever you update the HTML file, Dash redraws itself. It's a great tool for scripting.

Age specification, a simple file encryption tool & format

made by filippo, Benjojo, submitted by davidbalbert
Age is a replacement for GPG's file encryption features that will be easier to use without making mistakes.

The Cover of The Sun Also Rises

made by duncan, submitted by davidbalbert
A picture of the cover of The Sun Also Rises, read to you pixel by pixel. 800 chapters long. The full audio recording is 2.48 GB.

2D Graphics on Modern GPU

made by Raph, submitted by davidbalbert
Original research on implementing a performant 2D imaging model on the GPU.

Recursive Filesystem Entries

made by wesleyac, submitted by davidbalbert
Wesley put a 4GB file in a 232KB file system by making some clever modifications to the FAT.


made by osnr, submitted by davidbalbert
The PDF specification includes a JavaScript interpreter, and Chrome's PDF reader implements some of its API. This PDF has a game of Breakout embedded inside it. The README describes the clever hacks used to make it work.


made by miles, submitted by davidbalbert
A tiling window manager, written from scratch. Miles used it as his main window manager for a year after writing it.

Bird Tinder

made by noahzgordon, submitted by davidbalbert
It's Tinder for birds. A faithful recreation of the real thing (including animations), but with one obvious difference. Written in Elm. Running version at https://pecker.app.


made by gabriellesc, submitted by davidbalbert
An in-browser IDE for the Piet programming language.


made by brilee, submitted by davidbalbert
A minimal Go AI modeled on AlphaGo. It became the basis of Minigo (https://github.com/tensorflow/minigo), which is maintained by the Tensorflow team.